Workouts for running (training session types)

Workouts for running (training session types)

Our training programmes consist of a number of workout types each of which have their own article containing all the information you need to execute that particular workout correctly as well as improvise or modify it for special conditions. To give you a quick-start you can find an index of the workouts in the below list as well as a graphical chart showing the phase of training you would be doing this workout.

  1. Warm-up and cooldown
  2. Recovery run
  3. Long recovery run
  4. Fartlek 
  5. Strong fartlek
  6. Speed training
  7. Long run (long aerobic run)
  8. Medium Long Run (aerobic run)
  9. Circuit run
  10. Out and back
  11. Up and down
  12. Strides
  13. Hill circuit 
  14. Race Rehearsal run (Up-Tempo)
  15. Cut-downs
  16. Wind sprints
  17. Progress calibration run (PCR) 
  18. Intervals (repetitions)
  19. Time trial
  20. Race (non-peak)
  21. Max Aerobic Function (MAF) test

For additional information, the workouts are organised by intensity and bundled together so you can see what group of workouts are mainly aerobic, which are somewhere in between (generally anaerobic intervals with plenty of recovery, such as strides) and which are highly anaerobic. Anaerobic training will become increasingly prevalent as you move up through the phases of training but keep an eye on the balance between aerobic and anaerobic workouts, especially if you miss some. It is important to keep enough aerobic workouts in your training to maintain your basic fitness and restore a healthy blood pH. Include too many workouts at the “far red end” of the scale in the image and your form and health will start to deteriorate very quickly.

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