Toe drills or ‘toe-ga’ is a series of drills invented by Lee Saxby and taught as part of the VivoBarefoot Coaching certification education. Please find in this article a simple video showcasing coach René Borg executing some of the moves.*


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Note the drills shown here are the most basic and common drills. We teach a wide selection of progressions and specific drills for feet that are more challenged than normal. But this is a good starting point. More advanced drills should ideally be instructed by a coach.

* For a written walk-through we suggest purchasing ‘Complete Guide to Bodyweight‘ by Kesh Patel which has full descriptions of these drills

The ‘Small Toes Under’ toe-ga drill




The purpose of toe drills is two-fold:

  • Restore the natural position, strength and mobility of the big toe joint
  • Restore your mind’s connection to each toe as a separate entity

A fully functioning foot is the foundation for all other movement. Fixing hips, ankles and other joints is pointless if you do not also address the feet. That is the root of your personal tree.


General execution

  • Lee Saxby’s recommendation is 3 x 30 seconds* per day per drill
  • Kesh Patel suggests building this up to 3 x 60 seconds if you wish or do not get the results you want. Play with it!
  • A good time to do these is while brushing your teeth morning and evening and before and/or after runs. For a more focused session, set time aside specifically to work on your feet.
  • The discomfort should be between 6 and 7 on a scale of 10 to allow enough changes to occur in the joint. Any less than that and you’re just ‘fooling around’. It get’s easier within a few weeks!

To get the execution absolutely right, we recommend learning these drills from a trained coach before you go on your own. In Ireland you can attend our workshops or book a personal consult. Outside Ireland look for a VivoBarefoot Certified coach.

* Former VivoBarefoot director Kesh Patel suggests building up the time to 60 seconds over time. This is worth trying if you are not getting results.

To learn this and much more –

attend our Running Form workshops or book a personal consult

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