The Five Principles of Lydiard Training

If any coach has been more misinterpreted than Lydiard, I’d be surprised. – Graeme Woodward, Coaching Coordinator of the Fell Runners Association

Simply taking a Lydiard training programme and reading through his books often does not give you the full understanding of the principles behind his method to make the right decisions during your training. This is especially true if you do not lean on the advice of an experienced Lydiard Coach.

The Lydiard Foundation have summarised the five underlying principles of the training system:

  1. Maximise your aerobic capacity
  2. Develop your internal feedback systems (“learn to run by feel”)
  3. Balance workouts with recovery
  4. Sequentially develop your energy systems and other physical adaptations
  5. Apply correct timing
Every users of a Lydiard training programme benefits from familiarising themselves with the five principles. A detailed explanation of each of the five principles written by the Lydiard Foundation is available here.
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