Eric Wahlrab

Joanne O’Boyle

Jennifer Kavanagh – Workshop Testimonial 2

Pat Reed 2nd Testimonial

West Waterford Athletes Testamonials

James MacConville Testimonial

“Holy sh1t! Just got back from a 30min run. It was like magic. It was faster with so much less effort. There was no pain. And most important, it was really, really enjoyable. I was actually hootin’ and whoopin’ as I was running. People thought I was a mad man. feck em! That extra lift…

Lorna Wilson Testimonial

“The running is going really well. I’ve been practicing the various techniques and doing the pre run drills. I feel really good afterwards, no stiff calves or anything like that.” – Lorna Wilson

Dungarvan A/C Workshop Testimonials

Dungarvan A/C Workshop Testimonials

Ernst & Young – Corporate Testimonial

We had some great feedback from the staff in Ernst & Young Dublin from our lunchtime talks. Through our interactive presentation in their beautiful conference centre overlooking Dublin we brought them through the evolution of movement and what to look out for so they can escape the pitfalls of modern running and also how to…

Great Outdoors – Corporate Testimonials

“Hi Jason, Just checking in to ensure that you were happy with last Friday eve. Unfortunately due to prior commitments I was unable to attend however, I’ve been getting glowing reports from the staff. Kind regards.” -Paul Donnelly, Great Outdoors, Dublin.

53North – Corporate Testimonial

Zendesk – Corporate Testimonial

“I think everyone took something from it! The guys from Champions Everywhere did a great presentation with the Dublin Zendesk office, really informative and engaging! We have lots of runners in this office and everyone learned something new! These guys are full of energy and enthusiasm and it showed throughout the hour! Thanks to CE!” –…

Bentley Systems – Corporate Testimonial

“Jason and Rene, Many thanks for taking the time to visit our offices today and for providing an inspiring and motivating presentation around the theme of “Movement is integral to any healthy human”. Based on the feedback I have received from colleagues to date it certainly seems to have hit the intended mark, so thanks…

Zendesk – Corporate Talk Testimonial

Siobhain Whyte – Workshop Testimonial

Tried and Tested Triathlon Club – Workshop Testimonial

“Hi Rene and Jason, Just a quick message to you both to thank you for coming down today and giving the workshop to our Tried & Tested Triathlon club members. I have had message’s all evening telling me how much they enjoyed it and how much they learnt from it. From my own point of…

BT Ireland – Corporate Testimonial

“Heaps and heaps of thanks for the thoroughly informative talk you gave us here in BT last week. It was extremely interesting and provided a lot of stimulus for those conversations around the photocopier! Friday afternoon an avid BT Runner rocked down beside me and was like “so then, tell me exactly what I missed…

Rob McEvoy – Testimonial

Paul Tierney – Moving Testimonial

“You and the lads opened my mind to the possibilities presented by moving!!! My head is buzzing!” – Paul Tierney

Amidou Dembele – Workshop Testimonial

“It was mind-blowing. Great workshop and very well organised. Thanks very much, it was a full weekend of learning, it will definitely great to see these guys back again.” – Amidou Dembele

Ed Niland – Workshop Testimonial

“Improve your efficiency by learning to run in a better way and do it by having less injuries and more fun. Only grievance: Too much content! Could have done 2 days of what we did in Dublin and another 2 days of the Laragh stuff. Split the course into an improving your running technique course and…

Anonymous Survey – Workshop Testimonial

“A course well-worth the investment unlike any others that exist here…do it!!” – Anonymous survey respondent

Jane Boland – Workshop Testimonial

“Thanks for your email and thanks for a really great and inspiring weekend. I’ve learned a lot about my running and my capabilities in general. Now all I need is to get started.” – Jane Boland

Catherine Murphy – Workshop Testimonial

Thomas O’Sullivan – Workshop Testimonial

Philip Brennan – Personal Consult Testimonial

Sam Scriven – Workshop Testimonial

Gearoid Hynes – Workshop Tetimonial

Philip Brennan – Workshop Testimonial

Oliver Castle – Personal Consult Testimonial