Instant feedback and evaluation

Biomechanical Analysis & Running Technique

During this two hour session you will have your running technique dissected by one of Irelands top running technique coaches and injury specialists. You will undergo a comprehensive assessment of your bodys current mobility and your running technique.


Using High-Definition video, and mobility tests, our running-specific screening finds any weak spots that could lead to injury and underperformance down the line or explain why your current injuries and pains are occurring.

You are told exactly what to focus on to improve your general movement ability and running technique. We provide all drills, videosnotes and exercises for your specific issues.

Learn how to work on the most important aspects of your running technique to have you running pain-free and faster.

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy


NMT allows us to provide you immediate pain relief for the majority of running injuries and joint pain.


Pain in a muscle or joint when we run is the body’s way of signalling that something is wrong. We would generally call it a misuse injury. If you continue to misuse the muscles in question your body will protect itself and give you a full blown injury. We can usually trace the source of pain to how you move during your sport and daily lifestyle.

We have vast experience with all types of running related injuries. Some of the more common ones would be: achilles pain, tight calves, knee pain, IT band pain, hip and groin pain, plantar fasciitis, back pain.

Your running coaches


Familiar with all the great training methodologies, trends in the modern fitness world and cutting edge research and scientific papers, our coaches have an a long list of opinions on everything related to training the body and competing.

If you are considering using our methods for training for your event we can propose a suitable training plan and walk you through it’s structure and the basics of our training system.

Schedule a call to talk about the best way forward in your own training or just get some input to see if your training is as effective as possible or what can give you the extra 1% advantage.