Running coach Jason Kehoe reflects on a great year of racing in 2017

Running coach Jason Kehoe reflects on a great year of racing in 2017

Using the same training principles we use with all our athletes to prevent injury and to develop peak performance, we were able to work together as coach and athlete to have a very successful year on the road, mountains, trails and in cross country. Read all about the Irish Champion’s 2017 goals, battles, disappointments and victories here in his blog entry.

“Everyone needs a coach…even coaches need a coach! They plan and push you sensibly and they help you reflect on the positives as well as what you can improve on. It wasn’t until my good friend and coach Rene Borg said, in a WhatsApp message over Christmas, that it’s probably been my greatest year of running so far. I hadn’t really thought about it until I wrote this summary of my races in 2017…”

Read the full story on: JK Therapy – Sports and Injury Clinic.


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Co-Founder at JK Therapy
Running & Movement coach for ChampionsEverywhere and Primal3. Irish Mountain Running champion. Passionate about bringing the best out in athletes. Certified Lydiard Foundation Coach, MovNat™ certified trainer. Neuromuscular Physical Therapist - Jason runs a Sports & Injury clinic in Dublin specialising in pain and injury rehabilitation for runners with root cause analysis.

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