RUN CLUB – BANK OF NY MELLON – Monthly Subscription

RUN CLUB – BANK OF NY MELLON – Monthly Subscription

SUBSCRIBE BELOW – €22 per month!


What is Run Club? Who is it for? Do I have to be fit? 

Run Club services runners of all levels from those interested in getting started to very experienced competitors. We provide training plans and weekly sessions for several different levels of experience.

What are the goals of it?

Run Club helps you get a framework around your running so you don’t have to spend time designing your training plan or thinking about what workout to do next. Simply follow the plan and use your coaches to guide you when you have questions.

How long does it go on for?

The Run Club is set up for 6 months initially but we hope it will be a continuous feature of BNY Mellon.

How often do I have to run?

That is your choice – we recommend you implement three weekly runs as part of getting started. Experienced runners will choose to run more whereas some of you may only be able to commit to 1-2 runs per week.

How many people are doing it?

Current interest suggests around 80~ people in BNY Mellon want to be part of starting up this club.

If more people than 150 people sign up, the club will receive even more services including an onsite Physical Therapist for a full day every fortnight and there would be even more onsite workshops. Get your colleagues involved!

How much does it cost?
Options of either one time €120 upfront payment or €22 per month for 6 months (Total €132).

How can I pay?

You can pay on this page b clicking the Paypal button.

What are the key dates?

We start on April 11thrd and the plans will loosely target the Grant Thornton Corporate Challenge on September 6th for those who wish to run the race, you can also substitute this race with another if you cannot make it.

You will be sent a calendar of events as soon as we confirm dates with BNYM HR – including the kick-off event and training of the ‘Run Instructors’ from among staff members. If you’re interested to take on that role – let us know!

What do I get?

  • Weekly training plans and workouts
  • Your running starter manual
  • Workouts for work group runs
  • 10% discount on all CE products
  • Trained instructors for your warm-up and cooldown
  • Monthly on-site mini-workshops
  • Facebook support forum

If more people sign up, more workshops and coaching services will open up to all members – so encourage others to sign up and it will benefit all members of the Run Club.

Who can I ask questions?

Feel free to email us at for questions ahead of joining Run Club.

Also, ask us anything you want during the Well-Being days on March 22nd and March 23rd.


Speakers and coaches Rene Borg and Jason Kehoe departed the corporate world where they had extensive professional experience in multinational corporations. They are very familiar with the modern office environment and what it takes to keep healthy and energised to get the most from yourself. In their ‘former corporate lives’ they worked across many industry sectors before pursuing their passion for the Human Health Fields and Sporting Performance.

Since the company’s inception they have been working with some of Ireland’s brightest companies to facilitate employee health coaching and education as well as making companies work better together.

All talks and interactive presentations are custom tailored to each company. 

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Co-Founder at JK Therapy
Running & Movement coach for ChampionsEverywhere and Primal3. Irish Mountain Running champion. Passionate about bringing the best out in athletes. Certified Lydiard Foundation Coach, MovNat™ certified trainer. Neuromuscular Physical Therapist - Jason runs a Sports & Injury clinic in Dublin specialising in pain and injury rehabilitation for runners with root cause analysis.

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