REVIEW – Healthy Intelligent Training

Our review of the text-book of choice of the “Lydiard Foundation” – Keith Livingstone’sHealthy Intelligent Training” is coming up here shortly. But  let’s ruin the suspense in the meantime: this is one of the most authoritative resources on how to train for running you will read and if you trust our word, don’t wait for the review, just buy the book or join meet Keith Livingstone while he is in Dublin and purchase a signed copy.

This review refers to the 2nd edition of the book which includes a new section on 5000m to marathon distance training. The 1st edition covers training in general but has a strong focus on middle-distance training when it comes to the specific workouts in the later stages of training and how to balance them. You can recognise the 2nd edition as being “all-blue” on the cover versus the “blue and red” design of the original publication.

The book is written in common-sense terms but beginners might still find it a tough starting point, so experienced runners and coaches will get the most out of this book (rumour has it Keith is working on something for beginners…) which is printed in full colour on glossy paper and makes for a lavish read. Middle-distance coaches and athletes in particular are inundated with practical advice on how to keep themselves from “going off the boil”.

For those who have read Lydiard’s older books such as “Running to the Top” and “Running with Lydiard“, this will tie together many of the open questions you might have had and you might only miss the unerringly confident tone that stirs from every page Lydiard has ever written. But Keith is no pretender but a worthy heir to the legacy of knowledge left by Arthur Lydiard to him through Barry Magee.

Expect a lot of stars as we conclude what will be a highly biased review of a book that we consider as much our text book as the Lydiard Foundation do.


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