Personal coaching consult

69.00 inc. VAT



Schedule a call to talk to our coaches about the best way forward in your own training or just get some input to see if your training is as effective as possible or what we think could give you the extra advantage you’ve been looking for.


If you are considering using our training methods we can propose a suitable training plan and walk you through it’s structure and the basics of our training system.


Our coaches are familiar with all the great training methodologies, modern fitness trends, nutritional advice and cutting edge research and scientific papers. Our coaches have a long list of opinions on everything related to training the body and competing.




Purchase a ‘Personal coaching consult’, reserve your time slot and fill out our detailed questionnaire (password is ‘client’) to provide all your details ahead of time to ensure we have comprehensive answers ready to discuss with you ahead of the phone call. We will email you to confirm.


We use modern technologies to communicate with our clients such as Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber. Otherwise we will provide a phone number for you to call.


Full money back guarantee if the call cannot go through. A €1.77 PayPal fee is included in the price.

Additional information

Hourly session

A one hour phone call to talk about your future training


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