Running Technique Workshop

Ireland’s most comprehensive running workshop (DISCONTINUED)




We have created this action packed and fun workshop in the heart of beautiful Wicklow to teach you the skills, drills and techniques to make major breakthroughs in your running. We teach you how to run with optimal natural running form allowing you to run faster and take control of your running injuries.

We will change the way you think about your running and cut through the clutter and confusion to get back to the essence of what running is about – an enjoyable natural human movement we were all born to do freely and as often as we want.

What happens after

When you have said “Wow!” and leave our workshops you will know exactly what the running form of an elite feels like, you will have experienced this technique for yourself and have the video to prove it to others. Your post workshop roadmap sets a clear direction so you can go away to condition and perfect what you have learned.

Participation requirements

The workshop is designed to be both a starting point for complete beginners as well as a ‘restart’ for competitive and elite performers. If you are injured we recommend checking with us if you can fully participate in the weekend. The majority of our attendees who arrive with chronic pains and injuries from running in areas such as achilles, knees, IT bands, plantar fasciitis, back pain, tight calves etc. are fully able to participate after receiving our basic coaching.

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Running Technique Workshop

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