Onboarding packages (Start / Restart)

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Starting with us for the first time? Or been away for a while and looking to restart your training? Our onboarding packages get’s you up and running: we collect your details, setup your first month of training and get know you so we can individualise the plan. Compare the differences by looking at our  Onboarding packages compared pdf. The onboarding packages are a prerequisite before signing up for your first coaching subscription but cover your first month.


Whether you opt for our training plans only or also require coaching support, you need to begin with our onboarding package which includes your first month of coaching. The better we get to know you, the more likely we are to help you achieve your goals. We call this process ‘onboarding’ and we recommend you set aside at least 16 weeks between starting work with us and your first very important race. Longer is always better. First-time clients can choose the Standard or Priority Boarding packages. Returning clients: choose the ‘Restart’ package. Download comparison file by clicking the link below.

Onboarding packages compared

Our onboarding packages includes the benefits shown in the table below:



If you’re not sure which one to get, simply pick the ‘Standard’ package. Buy the ‘Priority Boarding’ if you like the sound of the extra services – many of our clients really enjoy the initial phone call. Remember, the Onboarding pack includes the first month. 


Once you place your order fill in the athlete questionnaire (first-time clients) or our updated athlete questionnaire (returning clients). Password is ‘client’.

Additional information

Onboarding package

Standard, Priority, Restart

Support package

Level 1: Training Plan only, Level 2: Online Coaching 'Light', Level 3: Online Coaching 'Heavy', Level 4: Online Coaching 'Bells and whistles', Level 5: Online Coaching 'VIP'

Commitment length

Month, Quarter


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