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Get coaching support and daily workouts delivered to your inbox every day and all the services I have to offer as part of your monthly package. This package will suit you if you want near-instant interaction and weekly detailed reviews and money is no object. When using this package, you can contact me through TrainingPeaks, email or WhatsApp and receive quick responses even outside our normal office hours. A weekly phone call and end of plan review provides you with the highest level of feedback and regular course-corrections. ‘VIP coached’ athletes get priority above clients on all other packages – the moment your messages lands in my inbox, I drop everything else and deal with your query first.


Whether you opt for our training plans only or also require coaching support, you need to begin with our onboarding call which includes all the upfront analysis of your data and discussion to ‘get to know you’ and establish the personal relationship necessary for a successful coaching process.

The better we get to know you, the more likely we are to help you achieve your goals. We call this process ‘onboarding’ and we recommend you set aside at least 16 weeks between starting work with us and your first very important race. Longer is always better. First-time clients can choose the Standard or Priority options with their initial call. Returning clients: choose the ‘Restart’ call. Download comparison file by clicking the link below. Once you pick your onboarding call, pick the level of coaching support you want to go with it as well.

Onboarding calls compared

Download our brochure on monthly subscriptions 

Our onboarding calls includes the benefits shown in the table below:

If you’re not sure which one to get, simply pick the ‘Standard’ call and the level 1 or level 2 subscription. Buy the ‘Priority Boarding’call  if you like the sound of the extra services.

Once you place your order fill in the athlete questionnaire (first-time clients) or our updated athlete questionnaire (returning clients). Password is ‘client’.

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Support Package

None, Level 1: Training Plan only, Level 2: Online Coaching 'Light', Level 3: Online Coaching 'Heavy', Level 4: Online Coaching 'Bells and whistles', Level 5: Online Coaching 'VIP'

Commitment length

None, Month, Quarter

Onboarding package

None, Standard, Restart, Priority