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Run pain free again!


Running should be fun and pain free. In this 2hour in-depth consult we dissect your running technique and injuries and provide you with a comprehensive biomechanical assessment.


Using High-Definition video analysis and mobility tests, our running-specific screening finds any weak spots that could lead to injury and underperformance now and down the line. We explain why your current injuries and ‘niggles’ are occurring when you run and most importantly, how to overcome them.


At the end of the session you will understand what you should focus on to improve your running technique and general movement ability. A detailed report provides custom drills and exercises for your specific issues and you a provided a copy of your before and after videos. All sessions take place in JK Therapy – Sports & Injury Clinic.


How long does it take to change my running technique?


After just this initial 2hr session your technique will be changed for the better. Everyone is different but you should be prepared to invest up to 6 hours of further coaching over the space of three months or so. This will give you every chance to perfect the fundamentals with your coach and allow you to progress as you get faster and stronger. These running fundamentals will keep your running career on the road for years and years to come.


Participation requirements


The appointment is designed to be both a starting point for complete beginners as well as an ‘enhancement’ for competitive and elite performers. If injured we recommend checking with us that you can participate in the session. The majority of our clients who arrive with chronic pains and injuries in areas such as achilles, knees, IT bands, hip, groin, plantar fasciitis, back pain, tight calves etc. are fully able to participate after receiving this fundamental coaching. It’s our job to find the problem and solution!





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