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Barry Murray Nutrition


Get 20% discount on an initial consultation with world leading endurance nutritionist on fat adaptation

If you want to be a successful runner, you have to consider everything.” – Arthur Lydiard


And so it is with your nutrition too. We have been following (and practicing) the work of Barry Murray for some time now and he is our go-to guy for endurance nutrition. We send all our athletes who want to become fat adapted and healthier to Barry.


A successful Ultra runner himself, Barry has been at the forefront of Fat Adapted endurance training for ten years now and has worked with many distinguished athletes and teams.




His approach to nutrition debunks the common myths around nutrition and challenges the accepted antiquated norm. The aim is to combine science, research and common sense to enhance performance and general health.


A former chemist turned nutritionist who has amassed a huge amount of knowledge on nutrition, health and performance. Barry is renowned for his expertise in endurance sports nutrition working with professional athletes such as Tour de France riders, World Class Triathletes, Gaelic Football County teams and Elite Distance Runners.


Barry links science with practice and ties them together with common sense. Visit his website and blogs at Optimum Nutrition for Sport and discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Use the discount code: ‘CEON4S’ when booking for a 20% discount on this initial consultation with Barry Murray.


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