PREVIEW: Primal Athlete/Running workshop – Barry Murray explains what you can expect

Getting fitter and healthier is about more than training hard, shedding pounds and trying to clean up your diet. Even with optimal diet and exercise, there are still many elements of performance and health that you may be ignoring to your detriment. We are not simple beings when it comes to health and performance rather we are very complex systems, with a lot of different parts which need to be pieced together in a lot of different ways.

Thus, we should never do anything in isolation. It’s like getting a Formula 1 vehicle and then making sure it has the best tyres only to neglect the rest of the car. Obviously there are multiple parts of the car which need to be fine tuned and all these parts work in unison. We are similar, but even more complicated, than a Formula 1 car. Our whole is only as good as the sum of our parts but treated in the right way our whole can be BETTER than the sum of our individual parts. This is the focus of our new workshop: to show you all the important parts to focus on and how to fine-tune them most effectively in relation to each other.

The workshop will not only show you the parts and connections, but also how to get the best out of them. Perhaps you are training 5 times a week, with the right amount of speed work/recovery while also following a “healthy” diet. But what if the way you run and the way you move is not correct? What if you are eating what are deemed to be healthy foods but at the wrong times of the day? What if you are eating less of a certain food when you should be eating more? Finally, what if the way you sleep and other modern lifestyle factors are actually undoing all the good work you do in the first place?

Unfortunately, these are common occurrences amongst those who want to get fit and healthy. It is tied in with consumer lifestyle and all the latest gadgets and gizmos that we are told will make us better. Everything is available to us today at the touch of a button. You can download your own training plan; track your exercise on an app; use specialised watches to track work-outs; take supplements to help you recover; eat special foods to give you energy; pop pills to burn fat, boost immunity, keep you calm. Apart from the fact that many of these things may not actually work, they also distract us from establishing the foundations. They blunt our primal senses. Instead of sophisticated, ‘complicated’ training plans and apps, we need to optimise our biomechanics, economy, efficiency and strength. Instead of energy foods and recovery powders, we need to optimise our own energy systems and boost our own recovery mechanisms. We need to form the proper scaffolding to support these solid foundations so that we can continue to grow and become ever more resilient and adaptable.

Having this scaffolding in place allows you to take an integrative approach to your training and fitness goals. More importantly, it enables you to do is in a healthy way so that general wellness and longevity are not unduly compromised by your sporting aspirations. Thus, this workshop is not only about how to improve athletic performance but also how to achieve longevity in your sport and age gracefully.



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