PODCAST: CE speaks to Barry Murray on nutrition and performance

René Borg speaks to Barry Murray, performance nutritionist and owner of OptimumNutrition4Sport, ahead of the first of our joint workshops in Wicklow on the 1st-2nd November.


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In part 1 of this 3 part series we cover

  • Why are nutritionists talking about movement and lifestyle and why coaches are talking about food?
  • What’s up with the current food pyramid anyway?
  • Why diets are ultimately doomed to fail.
  • What you should do ahead of the Dublin Marathon if you’ve trained on carb-loading versus fat adapted
  • The Pasta Party and whether its such a good idea…
  • Are the Kenyans successful because or despite of their diet and what does it tell us about the sub-2 hour marathon
  • Is chocolate milk really the best recovery drink


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>>> Read Barry Murray’s latest piece ‘What is this low-carb for athletes all about’

>>> See the itinerary of the upcoming workshops

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Director and coach at Borg Coaching Services
Rene Borg is the head coach of Glendalough AC and a passionate runner competing over all distances and terrains.

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