PODCAST: CE speaks to Barry Murray on nutrition and performance – part 2

René Borg speaks to Barry Murray, performance nutritionist and owner of OptimumNutrition4Sport, at the time of our first joint workshops in Wicklow held on the 1st-2nd November

This is Part 2. Listen to Part 1. Part 3 now available here.


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In part 2 of this 3 part series we cover

  • What’s the story with porridge – a good choice pre-run?
  • Why you should slowly change the composition of your daily food
  • What do vegetarian/vegan athletes need to consider and why Barry is an ‘80% vegetarian’
  • The emotions of food
  • Food intolerance tests are popular but do they tell us something real?
  • Are joint supplements worth the money?
  • Why supplements can’t beat food.
  • What’s ‘biohacking’ and is it a force for good or a distraction?
  • Super-sugars and ‘carbs that don’t act as carbs’ – what’s that all about?
  • Should a type 2 diabetic follow the same fat adaptation principles as those outlined for the rest of us?


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>>> Read Barry Murray’s latest piece ‘What is this low-carb for athletes all about’

>>> See the itinerary of the upcoming workshops

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