Overview of our training plans

Overview of our training plans

In this four part video series René Borg talks you through how to get started with your training plan:

Part 1

We begin with an overview of the ‘frame of the picture’ – how to understand what each week of training is all about.

Part 2

The second part looks at how to begin understanding your workout descriptions.

Part 3

This instalment focuses on the three key fields: duration, distance and pace and how to utilise them with the ‘Most Important’ information.

Part 4

In part 4, we discuss how to use all fields in relation to each other and hone in on Relative Effort, Workload and ‘Coach’s comments’.

For more details, we will be posting a deep-dive series on each part of the training plans over the course of the first quarter of 2017.

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Director and coach at Borg Coaching Services
Rene Borg is the head coach of Glendalough AC and a passionate runner competing over all distances and terrains.

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