Natural workout sample – Gate Protocol #1

This workout can be used by any runner who has been instructed in basic jumping, balancing, vaulting, lunging and sprinting techniques. I came up with it on the August Bank Holiday as a quick morning workout that takes less than 30 minutes including warm-up and cool-down.

Equipment needed

1 x gate (1m high or so)


Squats, hip pumps, easy quadruped and calisthenic work to prepare the full body for explosive movements. Doing lunges, vault movements etc. on the floor before going onto the bar is ideal.


15 minutes of continuous repetition of circuit of exercises on and around a metal gate (70cm high but whatever you a comfortable with). The narrower the gate the more difficult this session will be.

  • 10 x 1-handed step vaults (5 on each side)
  • Tripod transition (onto gate)
  • 5 x posture squats (on bar)
  • Pivot transition
  • Balance walk (length of gate back and forth)
  • Lunge walk (length of gate back and forth)
  • Pivot transition into squat
  • Depth jump from gate
  • 30m all-out sprint
  • Trot back to gate recovery


Trot back to house. Easy squats and mobility work. Knock back a healthy breakfast (I had a protein rich meal and a Matcha Chai Latte made with almond milk!)


To progress this workout you can do the following:

  • Use a taller or narrower gate
  • Carry a kettlebell or other weight close to your chest while balancing and lunging
  • Increase the speed of your sprint
  • Pick-up a 5kg bar and run with it overhead for the sprint
  • Replace the step-vault with a more difficult vault (split vault, kong vault etc.)

Beginners workout

Beginners can perform the exercise without the gate inside your house, in a car park or in a gym either on an imaginary line (the gate) or by using a 2×4 piece of wood to replicate the gate. Simply perform the same exercise on the 2×4 or on the floor.

Perform all the If in doubt on how to execute these movements, look out for our upcoming classes on balancing, jumping, vaulting, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, quadrupedal and other practical movement work.





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