Information sheet

Information sheet

Thanks to everyone who attended and took the time to listen to our team’s talk. We have put together the most relevant links and a few of the more ‘information-hefty’ slides for you below for your reference.

Learn more about the full workshop experiences here


Further reading – books

This list is by no means comprehensive but includes books that will give a wide picture of the latest in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.


Article: Sitting is the new smoking


A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain by Todd Hardgrove


Anti-fragile – things that gain from disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Athletics how to become a champion by Percy Wells Cerutty


Be fit or be damned by Percy Well Cerutty


Becoming a supple leopard – The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance by Kelly Starrett


Big Book of Health and Fitness: A Practical Guide to Diet, Exercise, Healthy Aging, Illness Prevention, and Sexual Well-Being by Dr Phil Maffetone


Born to Run  by Christopher McDougall


Earthing – the most important health discovery ever? by Clinton Ober (free online audio book)


Epi-Paleo Rx: The prescription for Disease Reversal and Health by Dr Jack Kruse


Lights out– Sleep, Sugar and Survival by TS Wiley


Healthy Intelligent Training – The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard – Keith Livingstone

   (Email us if interested in buying an author signed copy for €15)


Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall


Instinctive Fitness – a Re-evolutionary approach to diet and exercise by Oliver Selway


Proprioception – Making sense of barefoot running by Lee Saxby (free ebook download)


Ready to Run by Kelly Starrett


Return to life through Contrology by Joseph Pilates


Run like an Athlete by Ray Dicharry


Running with Lydiard by Arthur L. Lydiard


  (Email us if interested in old Lydiard books as we keep some out of print titles in stock)


Running with the Kenyans – Discovering the secrets of the fastest people on Earth by Adharanand Finn


Running free – a runners journey back to nature by Richard Askwith


Secrets of Russian Sports and Fitness Training (Shock method) – Dr Michael Yessis


The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Jeff Volek


The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker


The Complete guide to Bodyweight training by Kesh Patel


   (read an interview with the author and his guest article on bodyweight training on our site)


The Human Zoo by Desmond Morris


The Paleo Answer by Loren Cordain


The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power Health and Freedom by Erwan le Corre


The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free For Life by Dr Nicholas Romanov


Waterlogged- the serious problem of overhydration in endurance sports by Timothy Noakes


Why we get sick – the new science of Darwinian Medicine by Randolph E. Nesse and George Williams


Why Zebras don’t get ulcers – the acclaimed guide to stress, stress-related diseases and coping by Robert Sapolsky




OptimumNutrition4Sport – Barry Murray’s webpage

Arthur Lydiard – who was he? article

The 180 Formula and the Max Aerobic Function test

(Arthur) Lydiard Foundation

Ido Portal Movement Culture:

Just Move – Interview with Ido Portal on London Real

Mark Allen and how he used training focused on running economy (Mark Allen is a champion Ironman)

Movnat: Natural Movement fitness

Re-wilding Yourself (Tedx Talk in Tallaght by Wild Fitness owner Tara Woods)

Soviet Shock training video

‘The Workout the World Forgot’ – MovNat highlights!

 Lee Saxby’s ‘Born to Run’ Coaching

Product and tool examples

Clip-on metronome (Seiko)

Mobile metronome app

VivoBarefoot technical footwear (use our discount code ‘CUKR3D1753 ‘ for 20% off)


Our workshop experiences

We have several dates available for both our ‘Running Form’ and our ‘Optimise Performance’ workshops each of which provides a huge tool-kit on how to improve the way you move, the way you eat and the way you live. It’s not just about running for most of our previous attendees – what they learn on the workshops ends up creating big changes in many aspects of their lives.

 Our ‘Running Form’ workshop (information and dates)

Our ‘Optimise Performance’/Primal Athlete workshop (information and dates)

(the ‘Optimise Performance’ workshop covers nutrition, movement and lifestyle and is delivered in collaboration with Barry Murray, performance nutritionist)


Natural challenges you can set yourself!

The hierarchy of needs within your body that you need to address – so if you eat well but don’t look after things further up the list you may still not get the results you want. Pick a few of the sample challenges and start from the top if you can:

  • Gravity -> touch the Earth! (CHALLENGE: go barefoot at home or in your garden. Do a barefoot training run or walk)
  • Sunlight -> get natural light, avoid unnatural light (CHALLENGES: Install F.lux on all your devices. Turn off phones and laptops at 20:00. Take a lunch-time or morning run/walk for 20 minutes in the sunshine during winter.)
  • Sleep -> get the sleep you need, take naps (Add 1 hour to your sleep for 2 weeks. Try to take one nap next week. )
  • Water -> make sure to hydrate properly and drink clean water (drink more water and less other fluids next week)
  • Food -> eat natural food (for one week prepare dinner made of only meat, vegetables and animal fat)
  • Safety and shelter -> don’t live in a constant state of threat from the environment and others (Try a ‘muscle relaxation’ meditation next weekend. Set aside 10 minutes every day to ‘do nothing’ – particularly after meals)
  • Sex (reproduction) -> we’ll leave it up to you to figure that out!
  • Social and psychological -> enjoy social time with friends, reduce stress and make sure to have some ‘playtime’
  • Spiritual -> The search for meaning, connection with others and nature, purpose in life, self-actualisation and other higher needs – basically most people need to have a clear purpose whether it is work, sport or family-related
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