We’ve built in the proven training principles of some of the greatest coaches from the last 100 years such as Arthur Newton, Percy Cerutty and Arthur Lydiard and apply them to the modern day runner. We have had hundreds of athletes around the world work with us to get to the start line in peak fitness, many of whom have ran Personal Bests (PB’s) throughout the plan as well as their goal race.

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The way we look at it is this, if you are going to be using a free plan then why not use one which we can stand over. You can stick ‘free marathon training schedule’ into your browser and get a huge list of websites offering free plans that will likely get you across the finish line but some are better structured than others. The ones below get our seal of approval!


  • Beginner Plan

    You have previously run 25-40km (15-25 miles) per week and are aiming to run the marathon in around 4:00 hours for men, or 4:20 for women. For any marathon debut you should have at least a year of casual running under your belt before considering this demanding distance.


    You have previously run 40-80km (25-50 miles) per week and are aiming to run the marathon in around under 3:30 for men, or 3:50 for women. You are used to a variety of training workouts and have probably ran one or more marathons before.

  • Advanced Plan

    You have previously run 65-100km (40-60 miles) per week and are aiming to run the marathon under 3:00 for men, or 3:20 for women. You have previously incorporated speed sessions in your training and your body recovers well in general.

What’s the difference between these and our customised training plans?

Our customised plans are tailored to your current fitness and your race goals based on recent race times and our custom fitness tests. We calculate your training paces, effort levels, min and max run lengths, heart rate levels, race pacing strategies as well as take into account your intermediate goals, planned holidays and work-life balance. It’s everything you need in a schedule!
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Want to hire our coaches to support you?

Runners who have the close support of an experienced coach using a proven training method are the most likely to reach their full potential, stay injury free, fresh and fit. We can provide full ONLINE coaching support and a dynamically changing training plan every month. You will learn to become your own greatest coach in the process learning about topics such as race strategy, performance nutrition and recovery methods.


  • Whether new to running or aiming to smash your PB, our hand-written customised training plans work for 5k to marathons and ultra distances. Created using the methods of Arthur Lydiard and Percy Cerutty amongst other great pioneer running coaches.
  • €18 p/w - €25 p/w


  • Want to know what sets us apart from the rest? Find out in our action packed workshops. We make difficult concepts fun, easy and cut out all the fluff so you can take away the essentials and apply them straight away to your training.
  • €60 - €300


  • Work with our coaches in a personal consultation in Dublin AND Wicklow. We provide Running Technique training, Physical Therapy & Injury Rehabilitation, coaching advice and MovNat certified training.
  • €60 - €150