CE coaches attend Lydiard Seminar Invitational

Our ChampionsEverywhere coaches travelled to the Lydiard Coaches Certification Invitational on the weekend of the 9th-11th September organised by the Lydiard Foundation:

“For the past 7 years the Lydiard Foundation has been dedicated to preserving the legacy of the late, great coach, Arthur Lydiard. While staying true to the principles that have made this the premier coaching method for the past 60 years, we continually consult with the scientists and coaches worldwide to advance Lydiard training into the 21st century. With help from Dr Peter Snell and Dr Dave Martin, our Lydiard Coaches Certification is ready to launch along with Master Run Coach, our online Lydiard customized coaching programs, originated by Dr Dick Brown.

For our first run of these programs we cordially invite you to a two-day seminar in Boulder where we will fast track you through the courses and give you the certification as Lydiard Coach. 

Our special guests include Dr Peter Snell – Doctor of Sports Science and triple Olympic gold medalist; Dr Douglas Jowdy” 

The course covered several topics including the Lydiard training principles, application to specialised areas such as high school and elite level competition and talks on sports physiology and psychology delivered by special guests Dr Peter Snell, Doctor of Sports Science and triple Olympic gold medalist, and Dr Douglas Jowdy, Sports Psychologist to Apollo Ohno. Nobby Hashizume, president of the Lydiard Foundation, and Lorraine Moller, Olympic bronze medal winner, hosted the event.

Several other notable guest speakers shared their experience during the course including Colorado Buffalo coach Mark Wetmore, Dr Mark Cucuzzella (of Natural Running Centre), Dr Jason Karp (of RunCoachJason) and Olympic gold medallist Frank Shorter.

Upon completion of the course, René and Jason achieved Certification as Lydiard Coaches and are looking forward to the challenge of furthering the use of the system in Ireland and Europe.

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Director and coach at Borg Coaching Services
Rene Borg is the head coach of Glendalough AC and a passionate runner competing over all distances and terrains.

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