Barefoot running workshops and coaching in Dublin area

Can we teach you to run barefoot and is that a service we provide here at ChampionsEverywhere in combination with our “Masters of Running” workshops. The answer is that we do not consider running barefoot an end-goal in itself but rather we want you to run as well as possible to ensure you stay injury free and can run with maximum efficiency for as many years as possible.

Barefoot running is a training tool, not an end in itself

To this end, utilising barefoot running is a very important training tool but it requires the right level of coaching before you experiment with it as you’ll often find yourself disheartened by early setbacks otherwise or not developing properly because you can only run barefoot on “easy” surfaces such as grass. It may seem like the most natural thing in the world (and it was) but you have to consider that the average modern runner has spend the majority of his life in over-designed footwear and sitting down in chairs. So this skill has to be relearned. If you are interested in learning about barefoot running, then we can provide some of the most advanced coaching methods in Ireland.

But we would like to show you, during our workshops, that running naturally and running well is about much more than just “running barefoot”. Barefoot running is simply a training tool and something you will be able to do once you master perfect running technique. Our workshops open up a much wider perspective on human movement, however, giving you an introduction to the full set of natural human movements and getting you started on a wider education than what would be provided through simply conducting barefoot running workshops. We do not consider such a narrow focus sufficient to allow you to reach your full potential as a natural mover.

Barefoot running workshops and training in Dublin, Wicklow and beyond

So if you are looking for barefoot running workshops or courses in Dublin, Wicklow or Ireland in general, then you will find that our courses will not only teach you that, but take you much further by teaching you a wide set of natural movement skills and allowing you to use a combination of  training tools such as barefoot technology shoes and pure barefoot training. If you ask us: “barefoot running is not the point, running the best you can, is the point. But barefoot running is a powerful training tool which we can teach you to master.”

Should you be looking to learn barefoot running or be interested in our broader education on injury free running and natural movement, then have a read about our workshops which provide a comprehensive 16-hours of education to get you off to the ideal start. We hope to see you on one of our courses.

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