Timothy Noakes

Timothy Noakes, the South African professor of exercise and sports science, holds a very special position among the ChampionsEverywhere “master coaches”, those great coaches who have inspired our training approach and to whom we look to for guidance when in doubt.

Noakes is not a traditional coach and does not entirely fit with our “old school” philosophy. But his seminal book “Lore of Running” earns him a place anyway because it covers almost every root and branch of this diverse topic. Most importantly, Noakes provides very detailed information of the training employed by a wide range of the great athletes and coaches from the early pedestrians (such as Arthur Newton) up to more modern times.

Timothy Noakes is also the author of the recently published book “Waterlogged” which highlights some of the dangerous myths about hydration during endurance events. This obsession with hydration is one of many tides we’d like to turn back here at ChampionsEverywhere, and Timothy Noakes provides much of the ammunition.

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