Sports and fitness show in the RDS – ChampionsEverywhere attending

sport and fitness show

The ChampionsEverywhere team will be at this weekend’s “Sports and Fitness Show” in the RDS so if you’ve been wanting to meet up with our team and find out what old school coaching is all about or get a preview of what our approach to injury free running can do for you, then come by and we’ll be happy to talk to you, put you on our treadmill or show you videos of what we do.


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In particular look out at the Expo at 14:10 on the Sunday where we’ll demonstrate how to restore “natural foot mechanics with the use of “Toe-ga” – an approach that can remove bunions and calcification and largely eliminates the need for artificial interventions in your foot mechanics.

Timetable sports and fitness show RDS

Timetable sports and fitness show RDS - Watch out for Toega!


We’ll also have special signed copies of one of the best “old school running” publications to sell – Keith Livingstone’s Healthy  Intelligent Training“. See you there.

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