Since 2012 we have been offering Ireland’s most comprehensive Running Technique and Movement workshops. We can provide your club or fitness group with the essentials tools, techniques and answers which every runner needs to run faster, longer and injury free. RCI is based in one of Ireland’s most scenic running locations, Co Wicklow, and we would also be delighted to set up a workshop in the location of your choice. Find out what we cover below.


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Running Technique Workshop (PRIVATE LESSONS OR REQUEST ONLY)

Who knew there was a wrong way to run? Bad running technique leads to small niggles or injuries, which in turn leads to inconsistency in your training and you will not progress to your goals as you hope. Our running technique coaching shows you how to enjoy your running, stay injury free and run faster.

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We have created this action packed and fun workshop, orginally created in the heart of beautiful Wicklow and adaptable to your present location to teach you the skills, drills and techniques to make major breakthroughs in your running. We teach you how to run with optimal natural running form allowing you to run faster and take control of your running injuries.

We change the way you think about your running and cut through the clutter and confusion to get back to the essence of what running is about – an enjoyable natural human movement we’re all born to do freely and as often as we want to.

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Vaulting Obstacles


Learn the fundamentals of natural fitness in our 4-hour workshops in the stunning confines of Glendalough valley, Co. Wicklow. This workshop will provide you the full introduction to ‘evolutionary fitness’ and MovNat™ inspired training practices.


Following our specially designed outdoor course you will learn how to break down skills such as crawling, jumping, balancing, vaulting obstacles, hanging, climbing and use them to navigate safely and gracefully through your natural surroundings. Just by using these movement you ARE doing strength & conditioning. You get a terrific workout and learn how to use the outdoors for your own cross training all the while having more fun than you can last remember.

Upcoming Workshops

You can view and book upcoming events using the calendar below.

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