You might have previously used a generic training plan or just tried to train on your own, but this upcoming event really means something to you. Work with your very own coach and join our ranks of consistently successful runners where you will use the world’s greatest and most proven training methods, custom tailored to your level of fitness to reach your goal.

Our five levels of training and online coaching support provide you monthly training plan and coaching support – the higher the plan the more interaction and support.



Ensure you have at least 12 weeks until your first important race. Then purchase theOnboarding’ package. I send you a questionnaire to collect information about your lifestylehabitsholidaysfamily commitments your previous training and race resultsyour goals for this training period and any tune-up races you want to incorporate into your schedule.


We calculate your performance profile based on the first 4-week ‘onboarding’ plan. You then select the coaching support you want from one of our 5 subscription plans.

As long as you keep your plan active you will continue to receive a weekly training plan and our coaching support. The longer we work together, the better results tend to be.


Once you have your plan, you can access the services included in your plan.  We keep in close contact through the industry-leading platform TrainingPeaks. We design a new training block ahead of every month  based on your progress. Your training plan will be ever evolving to meet your needs.




All our training plans are designed by coach René Borg and he will deliver all coaching support to you personally.

Use the Contact us option on this page, refer to these FAQs or our Help Centre.

You will receive your ‘onboarding’ 4-week training plan within 5 work days and the first block will be for you no later than three days before the end of the initial 4-week plan.

Returning customers will receive their updated plan within 2 weeks.

Each service package we offer includes different levels of support. Level 1 includes only the training plan and all other support must be booked ad-hoc. Level 2 includes direct messaging support through the TrainingPeaks website where your plan will ‘live’. Package 3 includes email support whereas Package 4 and 5 includes email and WhatsApp support.

Support is available within our business hours (10 am to 6 pm GMT) and we guarantee reponses within 48 working hours although we try to respond quicker when possible.

Phone support is not included in our standard coaching packages as our coaches will generally be working with athletes during the day and calls therefore need to be pre-booked. Our coaches may choose to call you (with your permission) to answer questions that are more effectively answered this way. To avail of the option of talking to a coach in person, purchase our ‘Personal coaching consult‘ service which offers you a thorough call with set agenda and a full call summary send to you afterwards or contact us for a bespoke package that includes this service.

We chose TrainingPeaks in part because they have a fabulous Help Centre. Whenever you have a question about how to use TrainingPeaks – technical issues or questions on certain functionality, simply go to the TrainingPeaks Help Center.

For optimum results you should be prepared to invest a minimum of 12 weeks but 16 and 24 weeks is even better. The longer your build up to a goal race the better your performance.

This type of support and training is ideally suited to busy lifestyles. It allows you to make last minute decisions / modifications to your plan when your life gets hectic and we target the key workouts which are important and feasible for the time you have available. You keep progressing while living your busy life.

We’re pleased to say we get the most dramatic results from people new to running and those who have not used structured training before. Be prepared to be amazed at what you are capable of!

We offer Physical Therapy for those local to the Dublin area and we can also look at your running biomechanics to identify the problem and get you back running ASAP.

If you are expecting a longer lay-off you suspend your subscription and purchase the ‘Restart’ package when you are ready to go again.

Life happens, we understand if you want to stop or put your coaching ‘on hold’, simply suspend your coaching package at the end of the month. You can pick up where you left off when things get back on track by purchasing our ‘Restart’ package.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade from any of our plans to any other plans whenever you want.

A comprehensive assessment of your current fitness level. Highly accurate predictions on how you’ll perform in your target event(s). A personalised training programme based on the proven principles of the world’s most successful coach. Detailed information about running paces, heart rates and intensities and full workout descriptions for each day. ONLINE support from one of our trained and experienced coaches if you are on Level 2 plans or higher (higher plan, more support). Feedback on request with Level 2 plans and regular proactive feedbcak with level 3 plans and above. Access to our facebook athlete insider group.

Yes we have had great success with ultra runners over the years and our coaches are very familiar with all the popular events and what it takes to succeed in them.

We can provide running coaching tied in with your current triathlon training blocks. This requires us to have an overview of your other disciplines and how many days a week you are willing to commit to the running discipline. We show you how to bring up your overall level of fitness.

When you sign up for our personal online coaching, our system will set up recurring payments on your card so you don’t have to log in and pay each month. This can be cancelled at the end of any month penalty free. If you want to start again you simply do this by purchasing uor ‘Restart’ package and then reactivating the monthly subscription package of your choice.

Yes,  please email us if you have any issues related to billing, purchase, technical errors, or any other issue that does not directly relate to a question about coaching.

If you have a technical issue with your plan we want to help you as soon as we can. The only emails that require our subscription plan level 3 or higher is specific coaching questions.

We have a public knowledge base which we recommend searching for any questions you may have for us. We add new questions every day.

Search our knowledge base.

Yes, but you can purchase the cheaper ‘Restart’ package as we will already have done significant analysis on your fitness profile. The ‘Restart’ package allows us to get up to speed.

If you have kept your coaching subscription current, you do not need to purchase the onboarding packages – this is one of the benefits of staying current on your subscription. We always know ‘the latest’in that case.