“If you want to be a successful runner, you have to consider everything."*

We design world class training plans and workshops considering every need the modern runners has. We cut out the clutter and noise to bring you the most comprehensive, easy to understand material and coaching methods to help you achieve your goals.

*Arthur Lydiard


Want to know what sets us apart from the rest? Find out in our action packed workshops. We make difficult concepts easy and cut out all the fluff so you can take away the essentials and apply them straight away.

Whether it’s our famous weekend Running Technique workshops, specialised Mini workshops or training classes, you get to work with our coaches in a beautiful environment where we take the ‘work’ out of workshops and teach you how to train, not strain.


It’s your goal and your dream, we want to help you achieve it! Our hand-written customised training plans are written by seasoned athletics coaches and come with a level of support to suit every budget and the requirements of beginners and elite alike.


Can’t make our workshops or want a coach all to yourself? Arrange a time that suits your schedule.

Our popular 90min personal consultations in either our Dublin OR Wicklow clinics are the way to go. Sessions available include ‘Talk with a coach‘, ‘Biomechanical Analysis & Running Technique‘, ‘Neuromuscular Physical Therapy‘ & Injury Rehabilitation and MovNat™ certified training.


Book our famous FREE Lunchtime talks for your company!

Hire us to make your company employees a closer tribe with our bespoke and fun team building days in or away from the office or let us plan your next company well-being initiative.


Kids love to monkey around and our Movement Coaches are no different. Through fun interactive movement games we bring children through all the human motor skill milestones. We teach them how to crawl, balance, throw, catch, jump, run and literally monkey around!

Make your child’s next party one to remember and ignite their passion for an active childhood!