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Amidou Dembele testimonial

We’ve compiled a list of comments from attendees of our running workshops, and other sessions, feel free to add you own if you have attended:



Video results! (worth a thousand words!)


Blogs and long reviews about our workshops


Sinead Kennedy, physical therapist and yoga and pilates teacher, speaks of her experience

Peter Slevin blogs about his experience on our workshop 

Very detailed review of our workshop by David Power on his “Silence is the Question” blog

Review done by Brian O’Murchu on the Irish Mountain Running forum.

Clinical Pilates teacher Irene Clark’s review


June 2014 workshop

Champions Everywhere is a must for anyone who enjoys running. Catering for everyone, from the novice(myself) to the elite, Rene and Jason’s workshops/consultations offer practical advice which can not only enhance your performance but can enable every runner to realise the commonly held belief that as humans we are indeed born to run! Time spent with Champions Everywhere is money well spent. It quarantees expert advice on running technique along with straightforward and beneficial skill and conditioning exercises specific to each participant’s ability and needs. These guys passion and knowledge for running is infectious and is transmitted not only during the workshop but stays with you even when you are out on your own, simply running for pleasure or preparing for a race! The real benefit of the workshop for me is that I can pursue my love of running with confidence, tackling most ‘niggles’ by correcting my technique in simple steps, which is of course reassured by the fact that these guys welcome questions and feedback long after the workshop’s completion. Running on the advice of Champions Everywhere instills the feeling that you can run wherever, forever!

– Yvonne Brennan


‘Just home after a fab weekend in Wicklow and wanted to thank you both sincerely for a really good weekend.The workshop has evolved into a real “must have” for all runners. In your own words the ‘gold standard’. Read full review  

– Irene Clark

April 2014 workshop


Thank you for the brilliant weekend, I really enjoyed it and can definitely feel a change. it feels horrible being stuck at a desk again!



Thanks Rene and Jason for all your efforts and the enjoyable and informative weekend.

– Vincent

February 2014 workshop

“10 out of 10. You guys should write a book!”

– Dave

“.. this weekend. I was a bit apprehensive coming in because of my knee injury and because I was a complete novice to running (seriously, my last run was to catch the bus). I am still amazed about all that I was able to do with the banjaxed knee, what a great confidence builder. I’ve learnt so much. Thank you for all your help. You guys are brilliant!”


December 2013 workshop

“For any barefoot runners in Ireland. I did a course with ChampionsEverywhere ( based in Wicklow and Dublin) down in Kerry. I’ve read a lot and researched a lot on barefoot running over the last three years but these guys have a brilliant coaching system. Foot mechanics, posture, drills, relaxation, rhythm, training plans; they’ve got it all covered IMO. The two main coaches are accomplished athletes and are capable of barefoot running at speed on tough terrain and most importantly they coach well!

If only I had found them a few years ago! Highly recommended :)”

– Brian


“Thanks so much for that and for the whole weekend,it was just amazing. I really got a lot from the course and thanks to you both for all the help and advice, ye were both just brilliant. Looking forward to putting it all into action and hopefully will see ye at another course in the near future.”

– Norma


“Had a great day on the course, learned loads thanks René, Jason and all the others on the course. Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)”

– Brian


November 2013 workshop:


“Thanks again for everything, I am feeling very motivated and convinced that this is the way to go now.”

– Adrienne


Thanks for a great weekend guys. The workshop was great. I feel that I got a lot from the weekend and I am eager to progress further and will be attending the Monday night sessions.



“Thank you for a very enjoyable, educational thought provoking and TOUGH weekend! I thought it was very well run and your enthusiasm and passion was very motivating.”

– Nick


Previous workshops

“Anyone who wants to improve how they run and reduce the risk of injury should consider booking in to one of the workshops that these guys are running. I’m going to the course in Castleisland in Kerry in July so hopefully see some of ye there!”

– Paul Tierney, Wicklow Way Record holder, member of Team Inov-8 (read Paul’s full blog post on the course)


“I thought the course was brilliant and something that I would be happy to refer people to.” – Karen Doyle, physical therapist, Maple Clinic


“Went to the champions everywhere workshop in Wicklow at the weekend, great turn out and a great variety on the programme, focus was posture, the importance of our feet and maybe looking back at the movement of our ancestors rather that hurtling forward at the mercy of money orientated business company, very interesting to watch on slow motion film the difference between our foot strike with heavly padded shoes compared to the foot strike when barefoot, a long trip but well worth it for the variety and the clarity wit which the huge amount of research results were presented, their advice on many areas was very convincing as they produced some very solid looking proof to back up their advice, glad I made the long trip.”

John Lenihan, world mountain running champion 1991 and 19 times winner of the Carrauntoohil race


“I attended the ChampionsEverywhere workshop in January 2013. It was a very well run event. Rene and his team clearly know what they are talking about. They clearly explained all the concepts and their use of video analysis at the appropriate times complemented their teachings nicely. The team are very skilled at demonstrating, what is quite a technical subject matter in a very simple and understandable manner. I would definitely attend one of Rene’s workshops again in the future.”

– Kevin Deery, mountain runner


Vie da la revolution, I had been plagued with calf strain for over two years, physio and shoes had not solved the problem. I signed up to do the injury free running course thinking it was just going to be another gimmick. How wrong could I be from the start Tony and Rene guided us through the principals of good movement and using video feedback solved a lot of issues. From there working with Rene I can report I am running injury free and a lot smarter and stronger than I was before. 

Oliver Castle, former elite kayaker


Thanks for Saturday – great course, got loads out of it – just have to apply it now! Will be recommending it to all my running buddies.

– Philip Brennan, orienteer and mountain runner


Trip was 100% worth it! Thanks to everybody at Champions Everywhere … it was a really great weekend. Gearoid Hynes, Galway City Harriers


Jason, Ben, Tony and Rene. Lads that was a really great clinic. I enjoyed every minute, even bending my poor toes more than they’ve done in twenty years. Thanks a million. I’ll have to get my head down now and start putting it into practice. Head up, I mean!

Sam Scriven


Just wanted to say thank you for putting on such a fantastic course at the weekend, and thank you for the persuading me to go on the course. I was a little sceptical of the whole idea before going on the course but once everything had been explained (very clearly and professional I must add) I was certainly a lot more interested in the ideas that were discussed. After doing the session on the treadmill on the second day and feeling that pure joy of running with correct technique and not feeling any pain I was certainly convinced that it was the way forward for my running.

I could not make the training session last night but started the exercises at home and have built them in with the other core exercises that I have been doing. I went to see the physio today about my IT band and she has given me a full bill of health to go back running and gradually build up in the same way discussed on the course. I chatted to her about the running course and she certainly had an interest in attending the course so you might have another customer.

Thanks again for the fantastic weekend and looking forward to building back up the running but with some good technique this time :-)

 – Oliver Castle, former elite kayaker and “newcomer” to running


Really enjoyed the clinic, much appreciated. Hope to see you out in Marlay Park soon. 

– Conor Cullen, runner and mountaineer


Just to confirm that I have been involved with René and Jason of Champions Everywhere for some time now and would have no hesitation in recommending their organisation to someone who is anxious to improve their running technique. I feel I have made excellent progress in terms of improving my running style and thereby avoiding injury & regaining fitness. I have also found that their approach to coaching has rejuvenated my overall interest in running and I am now back to really enjoying my running again having gone through a “stale” period for a considerable period of time.

Philip Brennan, orienteer


Great way to meet people how have an interest in not just running but learning more about science behind the sport and current research out there. 

– Thomas O’Sullivan, mountain runner


Really enjoyed workshop on Sunday. With some hindsight probably went to the wrong day as it is the running end of things that really interest me ( You probably tried steering me in that direction but I missed it). Currently raising eyebrows with squat breaks etc. I’d love to do monkey walk around office.

– Aidan Roe, mountain runner and climber


I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to run the Injury free running workshop last weekend. Even with my great posture :) I still learnt a lot and had great fun at the same time. Keep up the good work and thank you again for a fantastic weekend. If it helps please feel free to use my message on your testimonials, I can’t tell you how great I found the weekend and I will be telling everyone I know about the great work you and the rest of the team are doing.

– Catherine Murphy, runner and acupuncturist


 Thanks for your email and thanks for a really great and inspiring weekend. I’ve learned a lot about my running and my capabilities in general. Now all I need is to get started….

Jane Boland, runner


 A course well-worth the investment unlike any others that exist here…do it!!

 – Anonymous survey respondent


“Improve your efficiency by learning to run in a better way and do it by having less injuries and more fun. Only grievance: Too much content! Could have done 2 days of what we did in Dublin and another 2 days of the Laragh stuff. Split the course into an improving your running technique course and a hill running technique course. (ed: we have done this with the next series of workshops, keep the feedback coming!).

– Ed Niland, Director of Education, Irish Orienteering Association


“It was mind-blowing. Great workshop and very well organised. Thanks very much, it was a full weekend of learning, it will definitely great to see these guys back again.”

– Amidou Dembele, CE Squad Athlete (after his first workshop)


“Excellent course the weekend guys really enjoyed it…..look to forward to seeing you in the future.”

– Joe O’Shaughnessy, Personal Trainer at Joe O’Shaughnessy Fitness


“You and the lads opened my mind to the possibilities presented by moving!!! My head is buzzing!”

– Paul Tierney, Wicklow Way Record holder, member of Team Inov-8, after our Cork workshop


“This weekend was definitely an excellent refresher, though my toe did not allow me to fully practice all the drills. It was great to have Tony looked at my toe as well.

It was interesting to learn from the treadmil that I was not pulling fast enough my foot and that I was over-interpreting the forward upper body leaning. Now I will pay particular attention to those aspects.”

– Amidou Dembele, CE Squad Athlete (after his 2nd workshop)


“Tony that was an amazing course. I have many questions…. Like how much is a flight to your place and whats happening in the near future that i would want to be a part of! “

– Sean McGarrity, owner LeisureIndustry Academy Dublin


“I was at your workshop in January in the Ballyhouras and I was impressed by your team.”

– Rob McEvoy, Secretary, Cork Orienteering Club


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