ARTICLE: Your daily run won’t kill you

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The practice of insisting on near-daily running probably started with Arthur Newton – the pioneering father of ultra-running. In modern times the recommendation to run ‘7 days per week’ put forward by Arthur Lydiard made most runners shake their heads and write the training approach off as crazy. On top of this recent research has…

Learn the essentials of uphill and downhill running

Running form downhill

Listen to the recording of our talk in Lynham’s Hotel, in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, from Sunday 2nd of May. Listen now

The injured runners guide to killing time


Whether you habitually run 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes for your weekly workouts (or even more), few things fill a runner with more frustration than ‘having to cut back’ because of niggle or injury. We present an obsessive-compulsive selection of aspiring athletes at times and having to go out and limiting ourselves to…

Why cross-trainers are the Devil’s work

My best friend!

The short version of this article reads: go do something fun, real and natural before risking your body on some dubious gym contraption. I wrote this opinion piece in response to regular questions I get on cross-training. If you never go on another elliptical again after reading this article, I will have achieved my goal…

Runners, could your sense of balance be holding you back?


We teach proper posture for running as one of the first and most important aspects of avoiding injuries. Being able to hold the ‘correct shape’, which is what good posture is, helps your foot land much closer to your body with a greater degree of relaxation. This instantly takes care of most of the common…

Three things to know to start running well in the New Year


I remember the time a girl in my team at work poked me in the stomach and said ‘aren’t you getting a bit soft’. That same evening I was out pounding the pavement until I got red-faced and my lungs screamed for mercy. That took me 20 minutes. I learnt a lot in the many…

Competence-based training for runners

capacity pyramid

Could you be getting hurt because you put training volume and capacity first instead of your ‘competence’ as a runner? And what is competence anyway? We look into a ‘competence-based training’ for runners and why you should do it on our latest instalment of blogs on ‘‘.   ‘Historically running training has focused on first…

Force plates and foot assessment for runners

force plate running analysis

René provides on overview of the importance of foot assessment and what force plates can tell you about your injuries and performance in his first blog at our new centre of excellence at Running Superstore:   Your foot provides your support point during walking, running, standing, jumping, squatting and all other movements that are bipedal…

CE strike twice in the mountains!


Break the rules. Ignore conventional wisdom. Look long-term.  This was pretty much the approach when Jason Kehoe and Paul Tierney looked to return from their injuries in 2012. This weekend Paul Tierney secured victory in the Lakeland 100 mile race in the second fastest time ever of 20 hours and 42 minutes, making him the…

Running (technique) – simple, complex or just complicated?

Shouldn’t running just be about going out the door and putting one foot in front of the other? There is an old saying in soccer that it is ‘a simple game, complicated by idiots’? Have we done the same to running? As the science around running has expanded and the commercial interests in the sport with…