Neuromuscular Therapy & Sports Massage


Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (NMT)


To be a successful athlete you need to be a consistent athlete.


Pain or a ‘niggle’ in a muscle or joint is the body’s way of signalling to you that something is wrong. The source of pain can usually be traced theto how you move during your sport and daily lifestyle. If you continue to misuse the muscles in question your body will protect itself and give you a full blown injury.


NMT allows us to provide instant pain relief for the majority of muscular injuries and joint pain and then we use our bio-mechanical analysis to diagnose what is the root cause of your injury in the first place.


Methods used:

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling

Soft Tissue Release

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Muscle Energy Techniques

Spray & Stretch


Running Injuries catered for:

We have long experience with all types of running related injuries and general pain issues. Some of the more common injuries we see: achilles pain, tight calves, knee/meniscus pain, IT band pain, hip and groin pain, foot pain, plantar fascistic, back pain, neck pain.


Healthcare Refund Eligibility:

Laya Healthcare

Irish Life Health


Location: JK Therapy – Sports & Injury Clinic



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