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Get coaching support and daily workouts delivered to your inbox every day and all the services I have to offer as part of your monthly package.

We offer five different coaching packages to suit your individual needs from level 1 (training plan with a few monthly emails) to level 5 (VIP coaching).



Have you ever worked with your own coach? Runners who have the support of an experienced coach using a proven training method are the most likely to reach their full potential, stay injury free, fresh and fit. We use modern technologies to provide ONLINE coaching support and a dynamically changing training plan. You will learn to become your own greatest coach in the process with race strategy, performance nutrition and recovery methods.


We offer 5 service levels: each level includes more benefits, more interaction and more time-saving for you than the previous beginning with Level 1 (no coaching, only training plan) and finishing with Level 5 (like having a personal coach focused only on you). You can see a brief comparison below. To read all details ‘Coaching packages compared‘. If in doubt, we recommend everyone start with the Level 2 package which covers all the essentials.

If you are a first-time customer OR returning to coaching after lapsing with your plan – choose the Onboarding package or Restart package – this covers the initial reivew of your data, onboarding conversations and more.





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Simply activate your subscription by choosing the plan of your choice and you gain your own coach and a custom hand crafted plan.


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Support Package

Level 1: Training Plan only, Level 2: Online Coaching 'Light', Level 3: Online Coaching 'Heavy', Level 4: Online Coaching 'Bells and whistles', Level 5: Online Coaching 'VIP'

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Month, Quarter

Onboarding package

None, Standard, Restart, Priority