Bring in our corporate wellbeing & lifestyle coaches to help your employees on any number of health topics for the modern office environment.



Speakers and coaches Rene Borg and Jason Kehoe departed the corporate world where they had extensive professional experience in multinational corporations. They are very familiar with the modern office environment and what it takes to keep healthy and energised to get the most from yourself. In their ‘former corporate lives’ they worked across many industry sectors before pursuing their passion for the Human Health Fields and Sporting Performance.


Since the company’s inception they have been working with some of Ireland’s brightest companies to facilitate employee health coaching and education as well as making companies work better together.


All talks and interactive presentations are custom tailored to each company.




Our bread and butter talks! Our coaches are the best in the country at delivering engaging content on this subject to your staff who are either interested in pursuing running for fitness or your company’s running club. Discover why we were ‘born to run’ and what we should bear in mind before we follow the latest fad advice and high tech gadgets.

We present the facts and evidence in an entertaining and engaging way for both beginners and experienced runners where we look at things through an evolutionary filter and which obey the laws of physics and chemistry. Tips on how to start out running, running for health, running technique, the most effective training methods, race preparation and all the questions you ever wanted answered at your disposal. There is an opinion on everything!





‘Wellbeing’ is a skill which is comprised of many good habits. We show your employees how to cultivate these habits. We shed light on the problems the modern office workforce faces and the solutions which will make them more energetic, engaged and empowered.



  • Individual customised plans
  • Handling Stress
  • Mindfulness / ‘Timeout’ training
  • Postural assessments
  • Standup desks – advice and transition training
  • Joint health assessments and rehabilitation plans
  • Company Exercise programs e.g. Couch to 5k, Mini Marathon teams
  • Company challenges e.g. ‘Out & Back’ walk/run challenge, ‘Bust your belly’ challenge
  • Tie in programs for national campaigns e.g. Mental Health week, World Heart Day
  • Boot Camp / Weekly fitness session
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Sleep hygiene training
  • Healthy eating in the office
  • Wild walk getaways – Dublin/Wicklow
  • Physical Therapy – Office neck and back pain relief




  • Ideas and creation of a structured site wide plan – We do the work!
  • Numerous programs and themes to choose from
  • Realistic, achievable and measurable health goals
  • Healthier and happier workforce – Increased morale, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity
  • Detailed site progress reports to justify investment in programs to key stakeholders
  • Latest research and tried and tested methods



Your corporate team is important to the success of your business and employee happiness. Scientific evidence to date shows that ‘team building can have measurable and positive effects on team performance’ which means it’s good for your company.


Our coaches have been on the receiving end of many ‘cringe’ team building exercises in their former corporate lives and we vow never to subject anyone to that experience! Activities which are invasive, forced and plain awkward have no place in our team building.


Communication, interaction, collaboration, competition and healthy movement is the order of the day. We achieve this through physical, interactive games. Expect tons of fun, social rapport, slapstick laughter, collaboration and positive energy. These can be provided on site or at a beautiful wild local venue.


Team Building Activities:

  • Cooperative Movement Puzzles – Work as a team to get physically past an obstacle and use your brain to beat obstructing rules.
  • Partnership Movement and Rapport Building – Work closely with different colleague to move in new, funny and interesting ways to gain trust and collaborate.
  • Social Movement Games – Get to know your colleagues mannerisms and communication styles
  • Balance Challenges – Slackline walking
  • Interactive Mini Talks – Learn new ideas to succeed as a social human being through provocative and powerful mini talks