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Looking to retail a product or service related to health and performance? Are you a race organiser looking for an a pre-race promotion to differentiate your event from other events? Do you have a practice and want to add a broader portfolio of services to it?

Should any of the above questions apply to you then we would be very interested in hearing from you.

What we offer

As official distributors of Orbana Healthy Energy in Ireland and partners of the Lydiard Foundation, we can provide:

  • A healthy and effective energy and recovery drink for your customers, clients and athletes
  • Personalised training programmes based on the world’s most successful system
  • Coaching support and services
  • A value-add proposition to your existing services
  • An online platform for news, events, articles and advertising through our modern website

Who we can work with

ChampionsEverywhere offers partnership opportunities to:
For more details of type of partnership we can offer for the different groups above, please refer to the individual sections below.

Coaches and specialists

Sports coaches, fitness instructors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, physical therapists and other health and performance professionals can partner with us on two fronts: retailing Orbana Healthy Energy directly from your practice or venue and adding our personalised training programmes to your list of services.

Orbana Healthy Energy allows you to give your clients access to an energy drink that will not only enhance the effectiveness of any training you are conducting with them will also benefit their health and not jeopardise any other treatment you are conducting. The product goes perfectly with a healthy nutritional plan or similar services where your focus is to guide your clients to greater health and fitness.

Our training programmes and access to our Lydiard coaches can allow you to add provide your clients the perfect endurance programme for their sport while focusing on your key area in addition: for instance we can design our programme to support any strength and conditioning or skill-based training that you are offering your customers, giving them a more complete package.

Finally, we can help provide you a “home online” if you are a professional in need of your own website. ChampionsEverywhere would give you access to a webshop as well as a Blog section of your own. As the type of professionals vary, we offer no single package of terms but would rather you contact us to discuss the partnership in detail for your specific needs and requirements.

Race organisers

In the US, our partners at Master Run Coach offers competitor customised training programmes for the famous Lilac Bloomsday 12k run in Washington D.C. This race has more than 50000 competitors but with the power the Master Run Coach software, customised programmes can be made available to your event as well, no matter the size.

ChampionsEverywhere can not only help you supply programmes tailored to any type of event but also setup the online infrastructure to allow the participants in your race to select this option. We can offer further advanced coaching services to competitors to further take their training ahead of the event to the next level as well as talks, sessions and workshops in the run-up to the event.

We also support races with Orbana Healthy Energy prizes as well as providing staff to man stands selling the product at extra low prices. So contact us if you want to add an extra dimension to the experience at your event or race.

Suppliers, distributors and retailers

Suppliers and distributors who want to get a foot-hold in the Irish market with minimal investment and the most direct supply chain possible can take advantage of our lean business model and modern webshop to bring their products directly to Irish customers, keeping your costs low and the price down for the customer.

We appreciate that being able to buy our products directly in local shops is important for a large part of the market, however, so anyone interested in retailing our products can contact us. Our business model allows us to offer attractive markups on while preventing the costs from becoming prohibitive for your customers. Our only requirement is that your staff is passionate about health and human performance and willing to educate themselves on the ingredients of our products and their proper use.

Club administrators and officials

We offer clubs the opportunity to sign up for discounted deals on our training programmes as well as bulk deals on specialised coaching services both for your existing coaching staff and your athletes and we are also available to talk on all aspects of endurance training within the Lydiard paradigm.

Likewise, we are willing to discuss bulk deals with clubs and sports associations for supply of Orbana Healthy Energy. The product has been tremendously successful with international teams and professionals squads around the world so why not ensure that your athletes and players can get access to a healthy energy or recovery drink rather than having them rely on the vending machine?

Ordered in bulk, one serving of Orbana Healthy Energy is cheaper than the standard commercial sports drink without the artificial sweeteners, colourings, preservatives and stimulants and with a greater mineral and vitamin content.  Your club members will pay less and get more!

Brand ambassador and contributors

Another option is to apply to become a Brand Ambassador for ChampionsEverywhere in Ireland. This requires that you are passionate about the Lydiard training methodology, a natural approach to fitness and lifestyle and have successfully tried Orbana Healthy Energy for your sport. We would open a blog for you to share your results and stories on our website and provide you with branded ChampionsEverywhere sports wear as well as very favourable deals on our products and training programmes.

In return, we would ask that you help us promote the Lydiard training system and Orbana Healthy Energy among your peer group and at races and competitors you enter. You do not have to be an international competitor but you should be a passionate and competitive athlete in your sport of choice with a story to tell and good writing skills.

Our ethos and your ethos

We can offer commercial partners a modern and effective e-commerce platform from which to retail products that are consistent with our ethos. Your product should be:

  • Effective
  • Healthy
  • Natural
  • Price-worthy
  • Proven
We keep a constant list of upcoming services and products relating to human performance and human health with a view to bringing them into our portfolio but appreciate proactive contact. If you want to get in touch simply use our Contact Form or contact us directly here.

Our current partners

Orbana logoOrbana Healthy Energy was born in 2005 when a group of British entrepreneurs with backgrounds in sport, health and nutrition realised they shared a common frustration: there were no healthy energy drink on the market with a nice taste. Every sport or energy drink was loaded with caffeine, sweeteners, artificial colours and preservatives and tasted synthetic. This inspired them to develop a healthy energy drink for all the other athletes who were looking to give themselves an edge in a healthy way. Orbana plan to compliment their healthy energy product with a supporting product range and we look forward to joining them on their journey

The Lydiard Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to continue to bring the training system developed by the late great athletic coach Arthur Lydiard to all potential athletes worldwide, whether they are a recreational jogger, a weekend warrior or an aspiring world-beater. The foundation does not expound a cookie-cutter formula but promotes a dynamic system that can be  applied to meet the needs of individual athletes and teams the world over.

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