Lydiard coach

A Lydiard coach can refer to any coach who purports to use the Lydiard methodology as the basis of their training. However, in recent years the Lydiard Foundation has prepared a training seminar with the aim of allowing coaches to attain “Lydiard certification”. The Lydiard coaching certification exists independently of the coaching education provided by the national athletics associations and, while it takes you through the entire principles from the start, the course conveys an expert level of training in endurance athletics and can be seen as a supplement or replacement for Level 3 to 4 coaching qualifications in Ireland and the UK.

Qualification content

A certified Lydiard coach has an innate understanding of the five principles of the Lydiard system. In addition the seminar covers the following topics:

  • The Lydiard lineage – a brief history
  • Lydiard theory: overview of the training pyramid and “The Five Principles”
  • Lydiard theory: aerobic conditioning
  • Lydiard theory: aerobic conditioning, building a base, the role of the long run, adaptation, recovery, strides, fartlek, the “out and back” run
  • Lydiard theory: hill training
  • Lydiard theory: interval training and speedwork
  • Exercise physiology: why slower running makes you faster
  • Lydiard theory: coordination and peaking
  • Sports psychology:  the mental game
  • Running technique: learning efficient running form naturally
  • Exercise physiology: running and fitness myths, misconceptions and misinformation
  • Lydiard application: introduction of Master Run Coach software, VO2 Max Estimator and interview
  • Lydiard application to mass runners
  • Lydiard application to elite level competition
  • Lydiard application to other contexts (such as high school and college)
  • Exercise physiology: when your faster running gets slower – overcoming over-training
  • Recovery indicators
  • Lydiard application: fine-tuning
  • Lydiard application: Japanese marathon training


Training seminars

To date only one Lydiard Coaching seminar has been held: as an invitational event in Boulder, Colorado, where the first batch of Lydiard certified coaches were trained, among them our own coaching staff members, Jason and René. Many more are likely to follow in the coming years as the Lydiard Foundation strives to preserve the integrity of Arthur Lydiard’s teachings and providing coaches with the necessary understanding to apply the method correctly. ChampionsEverywhere supports the mission of the Lydiard Foundation and plans to roll out a series of seminars across Ireland, the UK and Europe in the near future.

Long-time Lydiard coaches

Certain coaches have used the Lydiard method for so long and so successfully that while they may not have the modern certification, they can be referred to as master coaches of the Lydiard system and among the strongest authorities on the principles of Arthur Lydiard. These coaches include the Colorado Buffaloes’ Mark Wetmore, Greg McMillan, Pat Clohessy, several of the Japanese coaches (such as Koide and Nakamura) and the late Ron Daws. In Ireland, several coaches draw their inspiration from Lydiard and the methodology of the successful DSD youth system is reportedly based on his principles. Marathon Mission coach and Irish marathon great Dick Hooper is another example of a local coach drawing strong inspirations from the New Zealand master coach.

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