What results should you expect?

Arthur Lydiard told athletes to select the coaches that get results and stay away from those who didn’t. As purveyors of his ‘old school’ training philosophy, we need to hold ourselves to that standard.

To help you judge, testimonials are not enough so here we provide the data of the results gained by athletes who have used our training programmes and worked with our coaching staff. The list below is current as of 07/03/2015.

Our athletes’ results

These results are achieved since the summer 2011 by more than thirty different athletes:

  • 118 personal bests
  • 42 individual race victories
  • 4 team victories
  • 65 podium finishes
  • 15 AAI medals (1 individual gold, 4 team gold, 3 team silver, 2 team bronze, 3 individual bronze)
  • 2 international mountain running team selections