Coaching services and running workshops

Do you want to run faster? Do you want to run injury free or learn how to run with efficient technique? Are you a novice and want to learn how to run? Do you want the support of an experienced coach with a proven track record? The ChampionsEverywhere coaching model provides you with all of this.

Training plans & coaching

An example of a personalised training program

Why get coaching?

Runners who benefit from the support of an experienced coach using a proven training method are the most likely to reach their full potential and stay healthy, fresh and fit. We employ the proven training principles of history’s master coaches to create training programmes and coaching support exactly fitted to your needs. No nonsense – just the methods that always worked.

How you can run “old school”

We do training plans from 800m to ultra-marathons for road, track, cross-country and mountain running and for all levels of experience. Our training plans are based on the methods of Arthur Lydiard and  Percy Cerutty among others.

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3. Select your coaching plan and submit payment

What you get

What’s required?

An open mind, a willingness to learn, a view for the long-term not just tomorrow and the discipline to follow our schedules intelligently.  Other than that we can cater for all fitness levels.

If you’re suffering from injury or unsure whether you have proper running technique, attend our workshops first. You should expect to make at least a 3-month commitment to this programme before your first important race.

Running workshops

Why train running technique?

Up to 80% of all runners report that they suffer an injury every year and spend more time and resources on rehabilitation and symptom relief than on training. This is entirely avoidable with proper movement coaching and our team of coaches can show you how in our “Running Form” workshops. Our results speak for themselves so why not have a look at our YouTube videos.

How you can run injury free, and faster!

If you are currently injured, carrying a worrying niggle or want to run with better running technique then we recommend that you attend one of our “Running Form” workshops. If you want to be the best runner you can be, this workshop is also a must-attend for you.


To learn how to run further, faster and without injury read more about our  “Running Form” workshops. You will leave the workshop as a better runner and we provide both ‘Skill and Conditioning’ classes and personal consults afterwards to continue your education and training.

Read full information on our running workshops

What you get

A 1 or 2 day exciting adventure with like-minded runners in the beautiful Wicklow mountains:

  • A full “running style make-over”!
  • A simple and enjoyable approach to perfecting your running style
  • A unique set of drills for mobility, flexibilty and strength
  • Exclusive membership of our “ChampionsEverywhere Athletes” training group
Once you’ve “graduated” from any running workshop we can offer to transition you into our performance-focused “old school” programmes” or continue your work in our “Master Classes” (“Mountain running”, “Sprints and Middle-Distance” and more!).

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