As a beginner you’re just starting out in the world of running and want to get off to the best possible start. Join our ranks of successful beginners where you will use the world’s greatest and most proven training methods, custom tailored to where your fitness is at today. Whether your goal is overall health & fitness or a special race event, we tell you how to reach it, which lets you enjoy the journey.


We can answer the many questions that we know are on your mind such as: ‘What shoes should I wear? What’s foam rolling? How fast should I run? What should I eat? How do I avoid dry mouth? How should I breathe? How do I avoid stitches? How often should I run?”

Here’s the steps we think you should follow to best use our expertise and services.

  • Step 1: Talk with a Coach

    We would always suggest you arrange a detailed consultation with our coaches to plan out your running goals. It always helps to sit down and see what someone experienced would do if they were in your running shoes. What's realistic, what's possible for you to achieve and how best to do it.


    Who knew there was a wrong way to run? Bad running technique leads to small niggles or injuries, which in turn leads to inconsistency in your training and you will not progress to your goals as you hope. Running technique is the first thing you should be concerned with starting out as a beginner. Our running technique coaching shows you how to enjoy your running, stay injury free and run faster.


    Using a two way process our coaches craft you a custom made plan based on where your fitness currently is and where you want to go. We do all the thinking while you execute the plan. Our online personal coaching allows you to learn the ins and outs of running and get UNLIMITED support at any time throughout your training. We expect you to keep us busy!


Want to buy a custom training plan or still not certain on the way forward? Fill out our questionnaire below and we will suggest a bespoke solution for you.

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