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TRAINING: Three tests to measure your running potential

oace chart 3

Have you ever started a training schedule not quite sure of where you are at fitness-wise and having to make an educated guess? This poses a big problem for runners – over-estimate your ability and you may over-train and under-perform. Under-estimate your ability and you may sell yourself short and not get the training stimulus…

Lydiard-style training for ultra-running events

Maximum Speed Test (200 m)

1 mile mark on red running track

The ‘Maximum Speed Test’ (shortened: Max Speed Test or MST) helps us determine what running distance, you are ultimately best suited for. You do not need to follow our recommendation – you are welcome to pursue a distance that you do not appear to have the basic speed for. But by understanding the degree of…

REVIEW: VivoBarefoot Primus and Primus Trail

Vivo barefoot review

Coach René Borg runs the rule over the new VivoBarefoot Primus and Primus Trail – a shoe review fresh out of the box! Highlights: More breathable mesh Meets the standards of the American College of Sports Medicine: No heel to toe drop No excessive cushioning No toe-spring No motion control Reasonably wide toe-box – Primus…

ARTICLE: Fix your one-leg stability, THEN run!

one leg stance

The one leg stance test is familiar to any runner who has ever sprained an ankle. I fully understood the importance of this after learning Lee Saxby’s ‘Born to Run’ running screen which places this as one of the crucial milestones to master. You cannot expect to do thousands of one-leg jumps without injury risk,…

ARTICLE: Your daily run won’t kill you

Running Jason 24

The practice of insisting on near-daily running probably started with Arthur Newton – the pioneering father of ultra-running. In modern times the recommendation to run ‘7 days per week’ put forward by Arthur Lydiard made most runners shake their heads and write the training approach off as crazy. On top of this recent research has…

Learn the essentials of uphill and downhill running

Running form downhill

Listen to the recording of our talk in Lynham’s Hotel, in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, from Sunday 2nd of May. Listen now

Running eXperience Workshop – June 2016


Two days, four workshops, one Running eXperience (RX). We now make it easier than ever to learn to improve your running technique, reduce you risk of injury and run further and faster. Once again our venue is the Brockagh Centre in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains. You can pick the exact topic you need…

Knock half a minute off your 5k PB with less speedwork


Regular readers know we have a big emphasis endurance training and proper technique. After a good first season I therefore recommended to a runner I coach and advise to step back from all speed-work for at least 8 weeks going into 2016 and doing almost every run below ‘MAF pace’. What is MAF? MAF stands…

Essentials of uphill/downhill running – mini-workshop


Running on hills introduces three variables to running: uphill slope, downhill slope and change in terrain. In this interactive 1.5-hour workshop, we demonstrate the fundamentals skills required to run optimally on hills. The workshop covers the techniques used by Irish Mountain Running Champion Jason Kehoe and many others before him. Next event upcoming: to be confirmed…