One minute ‘miracle’ running technique makeover

One minute ‘miracle’ running technique makeover

We love our jobs as running technique specialists, we know what the ideal characteristics of a runner with good technique looks like…but the real skill is moulding the runners we work with into that ideal.

Coaching Cues

We achieve this through coaching cues. Each cue has it’s own individual and personal meaning to the student.

“While one coaching cue will help one runner, that same cue could be the ruin of another. Coaching cues are only as powerful as the coach that wields them.”

Beautiful Runner

The human eye and brain is acutely tuned to recognise and appreciate natural and unnatural movements, for example you can spot a good runner the other side of the park as they just seem to flow naturally, likewise you can spot someone who runs with a very slight limp or unusual gait.

Our job is to find the right coaching cues to bring out the beautiful runner in you! Beautiful runners tend to run pain free and faster. Take a look at this fun video we took of Ruth which we shot within the first 30mins of our weekend workshop. We turn her from obvious ‘plodder’ to beautiful runner in less than 60 seconds. Then she had a whole weekend to work with us to make her even better!

Will running technique coaching work for me?

Why not?! It’s already worked for hundreds of beginners and advanced runners from Ireland and abroad that we’ve worked with in our workshops and personal consults.

With our expertise we will make your learning fun, memorable and re-invigorate your passion for running again.


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Co-Founder at JK Therapy
Running & Movement coach for ChampionsEverywhere and Primal3. Irish Mountain Running champion. Passionate about bringing the best out in athletes. Certified Lydiard Foundation Coach, MovNat™ certified trainer. Neuromuscular Physical Therapist - Jason runs a Sports & Injury clinic in Dublin specialising in pain and injury rehabilitation for runners with root cause analysis.

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